Thursday, January 25, 2007


My plan was to head to my parents' for an overnight visit for some farm winter fun for the kids, but the weather was a bit dicey. I called after getting the kids from daycare to see what the situation was there and things were fine.

The drive from Forest to Arkona was miserable: blowing snow and white outs precipitated by oncoming traffic. I wasn't too keen on driving all the way to the farm under those conditions, but buoyed by the news that clearer roads and weather awaited us, I resolved to travel just a little further before turning around and staying home.

Things eased up north of Keyser and once we got past Parkhill (and a bathroom stop for Rei), the travelling became less stressful and I could engage the kids enough to ask about their day. Zooming through Elginfield, I noted the Mordorian sky, a pall of stormy menace, from which we escaped.

Whether that's the weather we return to tomorrow, we'll find out then.

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