Friday, January 26, 2007

Treddzure Chezdt

Some allergy sneezing while at the farm seemed to trigger a cold, the sniffling and sneezing followed me home.

In a quest for some crayons, my mom discovered a box of odds and ends that are some holdovers from my sister. I conservatively estimated the items to be 12 years old (a good biblical number): some banana hair clips, cereal box prizes, half-completed origami projects, friendship bracelets, shoelaces, a Strawberry Shortcake hat, some doll clothing, and other miscellenea.

Needless to say, Rei was fascinated and delighted with this treasure trove of girly delights.

Closer examination of a McDonald's Happy Meal party favour showed its copyright to be ©1986. I come by my pack-rattiness honestly.

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