Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Back to It

Since New Year's, I had to cut my holiday short by a day to tend to 2 funerals in 4 days with a Sunday morning sandwiched in the middle. I'm just now getting somewhat caught up enough to update here.

What's new with us?
Kai has become quite interested in matters of toilet use and enthusiastically sits on his potty. So far, he's only been going through the motions. Nothing of substance has passed.

Reiko had left her Piglet stuffed toy at the Parsons-Sheldrakes; she hadn't noticed until they called informing us of his abandonment. After a couple tearful bedtimes, she's moved on. He'll be arriving in the mail in a few weeks' time.

After a fortnight of holidays, it was tough for Shelley to go back to work. She picked up her new glasses yesterday, that's where her Christmas money went.

I got a new iPod nano, that's where my Christmas money went. Boys and their toys, you know.

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