Friday, January 25, 2008

Milk and Honey

The churches are hosting a mission trip of students from South Korea. In light of the fact that this is one of their only rural stops in their two week stay in southwester Ontario, I looked into some unique experiences that would reflect the local ethos.

The itinerary: pizza lunch from one of the local businesses (featuring a bacon double cheeseburger pizza), a trip to a honey farm and meadery, followed with a visit to a state-of-the-art dairy farm. The smell proved to be a unique sensation; just think if I took them to a pig or poultry farm ... City kids, they're so fun.

The group led us in evening worship at the church, featuring multi-media liturgy (always a favourite of mine, even if I obsess about the littlest details), dance, drama, traditional Korean song and folklore. Pat Morrison would be proud.

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