Thursday, May 01, 2008

Physician Heal Thyself

Ouch. It hurts to walk. Too much "hockey" yesterday. While many from the conference headed to New York City (one such person being a roommate looking to buy a guitar), those of us that remained embarked on a mini-pub crawl with supper at Winberie's (only because the wait line was too long at Triumph Brew Pub) and further beverages at the reputed Triumph microbrewery.

As for the closing day of the conference, what is it about needy pastors and leaders? Particular to this week, I heard far too much self-disclosure about matters that really should remain private from leaders and facilitators of workshops and sessions. Yes, I understand that much rapport and trust can be built quickly by sharing personal vulnerabilities (and I am fully upfront and open in my preaching), but I did not pay hundred of dollars to sit in a group therapy session for other participants or leaders.

While I could complain about the uninspiring and lacklustre worship services or the rigidly male imagery of God and church, I'll take with me new thoughts and ideas about the emergent church and scholarly insight into the book of Acts. I'll return home with a couple more theological books that I might actually get around to reading.

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