Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Princeton Recap

Now that I've caught up to last week, this week's exploits await recounting.

After church, I hopped onto the Sarnia Express Minivan for Princeton. Four of us played the surprisingly engaging car game "Canada Flag" (wherein one points and says, "Canada flag" whenever they see one - schools and hotels are ripe for the picking).

We overnighted in Scranton, Pennsylvania only a few days late for Hillary Clinton's big show (her grandfather lived there, you know). I prepared for the approach of summer with my standard shearing with a twist. While away from church and children, I had my roommate help me sculpt a mohawk.

We met up with some Canadian Presbyterians for the final leg of our travel to Princeton. It was a cool, grey and rainy day as we drove into New Jersey, registered for the conference, had lunch and got settled into our hotel rooms.

The balcony of Miller Hall, location for worship and keynote presentations, had been taken over by Canadians and I met up with them for a momentary reunion before heading into our separate streams.

Life in American churches is markedly different from Canada. The hierarchical system of Senior Pastor ruling over all Associate Pastors and Youth Directors is a mystery to me. Everyone (well, almost everyone) reveres and covets the title of "Senior Pastor". Seeing that I am a Senior/Only Pastor, and being the contrarian that I am, I sported a clergy collar and my haircut to try and explode a few perceptions.
Sr. Pastor

A Princeton tradition has been the Canada vs. America floor hockey game during the mid-week session of free time. It's the only time I play hockey, it's the only time I don't loathe and despise the sport.

I learned that I am not dextrous enough to handle a differently-curved stick and that I am not as young as I used to be. A trip/check from a North Minnesotan behemoth rendered me winded (although I did manage a devastating hipcheck on an up-and-coming American scholar) and my twinging calf muscles warned me that it was time to quit. While I'm seldom one to dwell on outcomes, Canada won.

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