Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Check Engine

For many months (maybe not that long, but for several weeks at least), I've been driving with the "check engine" light on. After going to the garage and receiving only a "random misfire" diagnosis from the sophisticated computer equipment, and only expensive educated guesses (ignition coil?) to go one, I thought I'd drive the car until something really wrong happened and we could identify the problem more conclusively.

Finally, the engine light started blinking! And a chime dinged once. But I wasn't sure if that was better or worse. I called the garage but they were busy rebuilding someone else's transmission and couldn't fit me in (hopefully, they wouldn't have to do the same for me). Eventually, I got in and was told the car wasn't driveable ... whoops ... but in a couple days' time we were back on the road with a new ignition coil.

I never appreciated before how smooth a ride is without the jittery, sputtering, start/stop, herky-jerking of the engine. Or how sleek and high-functioning a dashboard can look without amber warning lights. Vroom vroom!

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