Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sunday Sabbath

So I'm currently untethered from Sunday morning responsibilities for this month. It's a bit strange, having an entire month of Sundays off. The first couple of weeks, I'm on Study Leave and then a couple weeks of proper vacation before heading to Kairos 2008 as chaplain for a national church young adult event.

Away for the pulpit for all this time, it hasn't happened before (if you don't count Parental Leave when Kai was born). My previous churches kept going in the summer, one church was in its busy season at that time with campers, cottagers and vacationers in the area. The other one continued through the summer because I was working and preparing worship for the other church anyway, and what's an extra hour or two on Sunday morning anyway?

Anyway, Sunday mornings come and I'm not in a mind-churning tizzy, preoccupied with worship content and performance. Weird. And to think that some people actually live like this all the time!

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