Saturday, October 01, 2005

Boxcar Kenji

The plan for yesterday was: board train at 14h30, meet Shelley and the pajama-clad kids at the station in London at 19h16, back home by 20h00.

The actual play-by-play is too long and involved to blog about in a thorough fashion, but arriving home at 10h00 this morning could be an indicator of all the commotion.

The train was running late as it was (possibly missing my connection) until we were stopped in Oshawa, told of an hour delay due to an incident further along. Well-supported rumours and conjectures said it was a suicide attempt, although I have yet to see/hear anything official to confirm or debunk that news.

After an abrupt departure from the Oshawa station, we pulled alongside the train in question and those passengers loaded onto our already-full carriage. More waiting and the eventual arrival at Union Station, Toronto, two hours after my connecting train to London. Winding our way to the "Special Services" desk, we learned another train, leaving in 5 minutes, would be taking us to our destinations.

Hurriedly, we sprang to the back of the doubled-looped line and waited for the 5 minutes that stretched into 40. Apparently others in line got free Harvey's, courtesy of Via Rail. I did not.

The second leg was mostly uneventful. Two good deeds: asking a McGill TA if he's really in the best mood to be marking students' essays; and, helping an elderly couple relocate their heavy bags to the proper car (which they had managed to miss by 4 doors upon embarking).

Just minutes from London, we stopped again for a long time. No reason was given; I dozed off. Finally off the train and into the station, after long last, I see Shelley and Kai. They'd been waiting an hour-and-a-half. That didn't stop them from smiling at my arrival.

Too late to go home, we spent the night at Shelley's parents' where Rei was soundly sleeping. We got home this morning, I pulled together a wedding service for this afternoon. I should be wrapping up my sermon for tomorrow about now. Home sweet home.

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