Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hola amigo!

The church phone rang this morning and I, as always, answer it with a professional, "Hello, Kenji speaking". Those who know me would proceed with the conversation; those who don't - telemarketers, people wanting my services for marriage or baptism - ask for the minister. It gives me a quick gauge on the situation.

To my great delight, the answer on the line was a cheery, "Hola!" meaning it could only be one household: the irrepressible Bellsworths of Orleans. "Hola" became our standard greeting after our time together in Nicaragua (you might try to trick me, but I'd catch on pretty quick that you weren't Molly or Stephen). We whiled away the morning catching up on each others' news. As is so often the case, the months slip by, despite best intentions, and we lose track of our friends.

I proudly told stories of Rei and Kai, Molly told stories of her daughter, Emma. We compared
Hi-5 stories and expressed relief that our kids weren't the only ones obsessing about that wonderfully diverse quintet. Our conversation has evolved from talking about reality TV (Survivor 11, Amazing Race 8, etc.) to sharing our dislike for Hi-5 Jenn's new look for season 2 or our appreciation for Curtis' haircut.

It's always so good to reconnect with friends (and rule over them in the medieval French city of Carcassonne, right Urs?).

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