Thursday, October 20, 2005

"Check ya later..."

Despite the fact that the lovely and accommodating Hotel Parsons-Sheldrake is awash with wireless connectivity and Internet possibilities, I did not take advantage or pay due diligence to my blogs this past week. A series of days beginning at 4 a.m., some downright embarrassing and uninspiring worship services, and a household of 4 energetic children, the oldest of which is 3 years old, left me with too much to blog about and too little energy to do so.

After a mildly uneventful journey home today, we're back in Arkona, not doing much of anything. Although I know an accelerated worship preparation process is in the offing. I also know a piecemeal recap of the our time in Kingston, with our friends, during my conference will occur in the next little while.

Stay tuned. Or not. I'll be here regardless.

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