Saturday, October 15, 2005


As for Saturday nights, this one seems a bit busier than usual. Apart from the ordinary finishing of sermon, liturgy, children's time, there was planning for an after-church discussion of when we worship, time-wise, and negotiating such change between two different congregations. I think I've put more thought and planning into that meeting than my sermon this week...

Also, we head for Kingston tomorrow for a few days as I visit my alma mater for a conference. So there was some packing and preparing for a road trip with two young children. We'll see the Parsons-Sheldrakes and Rachel soon enough and Rei can show them her new tricks: today she whistled for the first time; she learned the word "palm" as related to our hands; and made a song request for her ocean song (which I made up especially for her - "My Reiko lies over the ocean ...").

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