Saturday, October 01, 2005

No Such Thing as a Stupid Question

Wednesday Night

After Sr. Helen's touching stories of men and women abused by the justice system, I was struck by the contrast with ex-con, home decorating maven, Martha Stewart and her re-release onto the TV airwaves. Braving the public microphone to ask her opinion on this, I overheard behind me, "That's
so off-topic, she's talking about murders."

Bristling, I resisted the urge to confront my critics with a triumphant "HA!" when Sr. Helen remarked that violence doesn't have to involve bloodshed. Corporate deceit cheating thousands of innocents of their savings, betraying their trust, is an act of violence.

For the record, my copy of Dead Man Walking is signed "Kenji - Embody the change you seek". Sure she's quoting Ghandi, but that works too.

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