Monday, October 31, 2005

Oh yeah, it's Hallowe'en...

While we undertook our usual night time routine of rotating duty for baths and bedtime, the rest of the world tricked and treated. While Rei would be very cute and adorable in her as-yet-unworn pumpkin costume, her sensitivity to new situations (walking up to strange houses in the dark while wearing a gourd suit, being such a scenario) precluded any candy-seeking excursions this year.

As Shelley mourns, "the pumpkins are still in the patch". Chances are Rei might still fit into her pumpkin costume next year. Not so for Kai; we predict he'll be a Happy Bee.

Here's hoping they'll be more gracious than the masked pre-teens that came to the door tonight asked "Only one?" as I offered the bowl of mini-chocolate bars. I agreeably replied, "Yes". As they turned to leave, there was a sarcastic, "Thank you, sir." Punks.

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