Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Picking Apples

Harvest season is drawing to a close in the Little Apple that is Arkona and I'm going shopping.

It has been my personal practice to put all the honoraria I receive for funerals and weddings into an RRSP. Checking my balance, there's a fair chunk that has yet to be invested ... so the purchase of a 12.1" iBook is in the offing. It's not so much a switch as a supplement; the PC desktop will have to handle the bulk of our gaming, and much of my PowerPoint backgrounds come from PC-based software.

I figure its portability will allow me to work more from the church office rather than the manse study, so has to help me define my work-life balance better -- different physical spaces for different frames of mind, plus moving some clutter out of the house (and just finding a new place for it in the church). Bare basics and no frills should help it be more of a work machine than a plaything. Yeah, right.

I'll pay back my RRSP over the next few months instead of making interest-added payments to Apple or our line-of-credit. Because retirement isn't that far off: only 33 more Easters to go!

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