Sunday, July 10, 2005

Friday: The Voyage Home

With some misgivings about the inevitable journey back, we set out hoping for a smoother trip home.

While picking up some diapers in Midland, I drove around the parking lot to keep the soothing momentum going. Rei's cries and wails for Mommy abated when I suggested we get some snacks for the road. Immediately, she suggested a "brown donut"; you don't need a translation to know that's her way of saying chocolate Timbit.

Once again, we stopped in Shelburne for lunch and gas (only 87.9 cents/L!) pressing onward through the intermittent downpour of rain. It was a Raffi-less ride, although we did have to play the I-see-a-car, I-see-cows game to entertain Rei. Kai pretty much slept the whole way home.

A time of unpacking and repacking followed as I prepared to preach at the next day's wedding.

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