Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sailing the Friend Ship

We travelled Highway 21 once again to see friends. This time, after 10 months, I got to see Jeffy and Cheryl in person again. Since we were last face-to-face, they've been to New Zealand and back, I've been to Winnipeg and back. Our blogs were born. Shelley discovered she was pregnant and the marvel that is our son was born.

Although it's been months and months, with only internet communication (and the occasional phone call from Hong Kong), it's heartening to pick up with dear friends where we left off without missing a beat.

It also warms my heart to think that our friendship will live on in our children. I was overjoyed to hear our Rei and their oldest, Neva, interacting as childhood friends might. As we went out for a post-supper walk, Rei called out: "Neeee-va, where arrrrre you?"

Neva responded with an exuberant, "Here I am, Reiko!" and there was much delighted giggling, yelling and chasing. This is what Kai and Hugh have to look forward to. As well as tormenting their sisters.

Here's to the circle of friends! Some others might call it a fellowship.

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