Sunday, July 10, 2005

Saturday: Na zdrowie!

My dad learned a new word: Na zdrowie! (which sounds like "NAZ-drovia!" only louder. Please feel free to correct my Polish gleaned from the Internet). This oft-repeated, and increasingly amplified, phrase was the anthem of the reception; its meaning equivalent to Japanese "Kampai" and English "Cheers".

Rumiko and Kris were married in a lovely ceremony during which my meditation/sermon/message/homily/reflection received applause as I made my way back to the velvet padded God-chairs. How often does that happen? Nonetheless, it was heartening to know that it was as meaningful for those gathered as it was for me.

The reception was lovely (pork tenderloin, the entree) and the speeches very appropriate. It was one of the only weddings I've attended where the bridal party's toasts didn't consist of: "Here's to the bridesmaids/groomsmen for looking so hot/good!"

A wonderful day filled with wonderful memories, seeing many familiar faces and catching up on each other's news. Although I did forget to check and see if my striped dress shirt - striped tie combo worked.

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