Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well, I had a good run: 6 years before succumbing to the pressures of the Nomination Committee of Lambton Presbytery. Actually, it'll be 7 years before my installation as Presbytery Chair. Still, the powers that be caught up to me, and like most bodies of church governance, an actual election is rare. So I am now the acclaimed Chair-Elect; yes, I am that crazy.

For those who do not have the pleasure of Presbytery meetings, representatives of every church within a particular geographic region, oversees the work of those churches and can be a political hotbed of strife and complaining. All that being said, I do enjoy Presbytery and the "upper courts" of the church where I can see and shape the work and focus of the church beyond my own community.

Is becoming Chair a big deal? Well, as big of one as you care to make. I struggled with the top-down dynamic that a Chair reinforces, and resist the tokenism of having a young-ish visible minority as a Chair (not that I believe that is why I was nominated – something else that is only as big a deal as I care to make ...). But when I grumble and grump about how inefficient and pointless some of the discussions of the court are, I guess it's on me to be part of the solution.

So it's one more year of snickering in the peanut gallery, doing crosswords and Sudokus before I have to pay attention to the proceedings on the floor.

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