Sunday, August 20, 2006

30% Chance of Rain

The 2006 edition of TA Camping was more domestic than times past, as we converged upon a homestead with thoughts of tent camping in the yard. The forecast gave cause for optimism, 30% chance of rain. As in 30% chance that it would rain all day.

Fortunately the large farmhouse had plenty of room those gathered, and their kids. Although our two were spending the night with my parents nearby; so we had the luxury of looking after only ourselves at meal times.

There was a surprising paucity of Simpsons' references and quotations, but there was much talk about Treehouse programs (yay Pocoyo! boo Ruby! wha? Toopy & Binoo? sorry Daniel Cook, make way for Emily Yeung!) and musing about the incarnations of Icon-o-clash, possibly featuring a Ralph Wiggum Division.

There also wasn't much "camping" unless you count sleeping on couches, cushioned floors and tractor beds camping. In which case, there was lots of it. Something else there was a lot of? Beer and tea (and trips to the bathroom).

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