Thursday, August 03, 2006


Last night's thunderstorm fried a lot of components around here. Our cordless phone, the church answering machine, the church computer, the garage door opener and our internet connection all fell victim. (I'm currently online courtesy of "linksys" in the neighbourhood). And our TV fritzed; mind you, it's 12-years old, almost as old as my shorts.

So instead of birthday golf today (it would have been in the pouring rain), I had permission and free rein to go and buy a TV. After doing some scouting around on-line, and measuring the dimensions of our entertainment unit, I had in mind a Toshiba 26" widescreen but was open to other options.

I checked Sam's Club and saw a 24" Sanyo flatscreen with widescreen capability for about half the price of the other. I headed on to the Sears Outlet Store but everything there was too big, expensive and damaged.

I bought a mousepad as a present to myself and proceeded
to Future Shop to examine the Toshiba. I was going to try bargaining for some Monster component cables or a surge protector to be thrown into with my purchase, but didn't expect them to want to earn my business. Except there was a couple there (also with measuring tape) who bought the last one right in front of me. After checking with the manager, I could have bought the floor model, but at full price; they called the other London store and said there one was "a brand new one" there. How novel, pay full price for a product that hasn't yet been used!

While they were somewhat helpful, and not totally inattentive, they were acting jerkish so I took my business back to Sam and bought the Sanyo. I also got a laptop case and some steaks with the money I saved. Although searching around on-line, I don't think I got much of deal on the TV. But the price I paid for the laptop case and steaks, recovered the cost of our membership.

Maybe tomorrow afternoon, I'll get my golf fix (and use my new balls and tees).

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