Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hummers and Fusions

We got an early start to the second week of our summer holidays, leaving for the cottage after church. With a toilet trained girl in the back seat, more stops were made as we got acquainted with public bathrooms in Mitchell, Atwood, Mount Forest and Elmvale.

We always seem to notice that after purchasing or investigating a particular make and model of a car, the roads are rife with them. Not so with our Fusion; they still seem to be rather sparse in our sightings, although we did see a smattering of them in our travels.

In addition to our car-spotting, we spied 3 Hummers. I continue to marvel at what functional use a military vechicle could possibly have in civilian hands apart from gas-guzzling, posturing for status, let alone transporting the glorified lab technicians of CSI: Miami.

The Happy Meal treat at McDonald's? A toy Hummer.

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