Sunday, February 25, 2007

All Gore, All the Time

Well, he did invent the Internet. I guess I can't begrudge Al Gore his crusade against global warming either. Yes, "his" documentary received the Oscar, how convenient!

But to see the Academy gushing over the almost-President's contribution to eco-politics was a bit much. Testimonials and witness from Melissa Etheridge, Leonardo DiCaprio, et al. credited him with PowerPointedly raising consciousness about this suddenly pertinent issue.

I'd rather someone like David Suzuki, or even Lucien Bouchard championing the cause in 1988, receive some recognition for railing against the emissions long before it became sexy.

True, Al Gore has done a lot with his profile to make a change for the positive with his influence. But if he becomes the champion of the earth, no one else has a role or responsibility – kind of like waiting for Jesus to come back and make the world right for us.

Did I just equate Al Gore to Jesus the Christ? I guess this post has backfired.

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