Thursday, March 22, 2007

Backbencher Brilliance

Listening to the presentation of the Ontario budget on CBC Radio, I wondered who decides which MPP gets to sit by the microphone and mutter accolades of support for his/her party.

This particular MPP's repetoire was limited to "Hear, hear!" and "good investment" and maybe a "wonderful" if he was feeling particular effusive. It grew a bit tedious hearing the same thing over and over in the background. Do they not have access to thesauri at Queen's Park?

If I knew I was miked for sound, I'd be calling out random superlatives like "how magnanious of us!", bringing it streetstyle ("Super D McG is representin' in da House!"), channelling the Simpsons (alternating between "Woohoo!" and "HA-ha!") or maybe some spoken word poetry or Inuit throat singing.

Don't ask me what I think about the budget itself, I was too busy imagining I was a politician. "It's Sorbar-iffic!"

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