Saturday, March 31, 2007

Planting New Green Sprouts

In the afterwash of the Rheostatics swan song, I've been in a particularly appreciative, almost serene, state of mind. Do you ever have those days where everyone you see is absolutely beautiful? Gorgeous.

I got home without incident and spent the afternoon playing with the kids and reading The Story of Harmelodia, the children's book written, illustrated and recorded by the Rheostatics (yes, those guys again). My voice caught in my throat and I got a little weepy while we read, sang and danced to the story. Yes, grieving and letting go is always an ongoing process, but I took great pride in hearing Kai talk about "monkeybirds" and "Popopolis" and was relieved that Rei wasn't frightened by Dr. Drumstein.

"To the Rockery!"

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