Thursday, March 15, 2007


The Madness is upon us and Shelley has resigned herself to being a basketball widow for the next few weekends. You should be warned the next few posts will likely be about the NCAA basketball tournament and be of fleeting interest to the majority of you. My picks have been made (Kansas beats Georgetown; Florida and Ohio State complete the Final 4), beverages purchased and Kentucky blue is out of the closet (even at my most optimistic, I don't see the Wildcats past the 2nd round).

Already one goal has been accomplished: Duke's gone. Athough I have to confess I picked them to advance to Saturday; I'm happy to be wrong. Eric Maynor is making a name for himself as a clutch performer, keeping George Mason at home, and today, defeating the Blue Devils (pauvre Paulus). Maynor's one to watch while you can – before all the hype over Greg Oden and Kevin Durant gets too ridiculous.

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