Monday, March 10, 2008

Hair Raising Adventure

Reiko went to sleep with her ponytail and barrettes still in her hair. You can imagine the wavy, warped hive of hair that greeted her in the morning. We had planned to go to Early Years in the morning and after Kai's post-lunch nap, head to Adventures on Wonderland in London.

To address her hair woes, I coped as best I could with all my knowledge and experience: I wet her hair and put a toque on her head. Then we decided it would be a baseball hat day. Our efforts masked much of the problem, but there were some "bumps" of hair by her ears that warped out in an unsatisfactory fashion. So we abandoned our morning play plans (has it begun already?!)

Another round of toque-wearing turned the tide and we were good to go to Adventures in Wonderland. These days Kai appears to be phasing himself out of the need for an afternoon nap, and I wondered how giddy/overtired/cranky he'd be.

He seemed quite happy driving the bus...

... and playing in the ballpit with his sister.

Her hair doesn't look that bad, does it?

The kids had fun, and so did I.

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