Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Juno Night

Shelley's sister offered to babysit for us and we gladly accepted. This being our first date night since moving in the summer, we weren't sure what was out there in the wild and crazy world of date-appropriate entertainment.

Opting for dinner and a movie, I undertook a search to find some quality Indian curry in London. Thanks to the reviews at Restaurantica, we headed to Curry Garden Restaurant which seemed to be a down-to-earth Darbar equivalent to the hoity-toity Massey's Fine Indian Cuisine (evoking yummy, but costlier, memories of Curry Original).

I enjoyed the heat and flavour of the madras. While the Butter Chicken may have been more authentic than the paler, sweeter version we know from Kingston, it failed to win rave reviews. As Shelley commented, if we're eating out we should be tasting something unique or different from what we can prepare ourselves ... which, I guess, is a backhanded compliment to President's Choice. Still Curry Garden offers great tastes for good value and good service. I'd go again, this time to scope out their Dhansak. (Doesn't that sound dirty! Oooh, so hot ... with a sweet undertone...)

What did get rave reviews from us was our movie selection, Juno. Go see it. Enjoy. Buy the soundtrack. Who ever thought the Moldy Peaches would hit mainstream?

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