Sunday, March 09, 2008

Zombie Jesus

With the one church having purchased a computer projector, I prepared a full-out PowerPoint worship service today (although it was a Mac Keynote presentation, which I prefer to the Microsoft product – apologies to my brother-in-law!).

Although with the "worst storm of the winter" filling in driveways and lanes everywhere, I wondered last night how much effort I should put into something that might be cancelled in the morning. Sure enough, I got a phone call as I was digging out to head to the first service. It was cancelled.

The second service, being later in the day, went ahead as planned (once I figured how to connect the audio with cables that were too short). With the story of Lazarus coming back from the dead, it seemed a fitting segue to Zombie Jesus. The integrity of the sermon was still preserved and I managed to reference zombies! Up next: pirates and ninjas.

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