Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Recovery

Rei's impetaigo has cleared up well, and it turns out Shelley has strep throat. After a week of symptoms and not eating anything beyond an occasional milkshake or pudding, she went to the after hours clinic on Saturday where she was almost immediately diagnosed with a throat infection. On Monday she got a call from the clinic about the throat swab they took last Tuesday: positive for strep.

So everyone is finally on the mend, including the TV. I swapped the new satellite receiver in but still needed a 20-minute phone call to customer service and an hour wait to complete the "synchronization" process.

Work-wise, the church is just as busy as ever with meetings, luncheons and a special "regional" service to plan for as well rehearsing for an ecumenical concert on Sunday. I'm glad for the upcoming Year of Sabbath check-in meeting that's coming up, I'll have renewed appreciation for recovery and restoration.

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