Thursday, December 09, 2004

Canadian Celebrity Dilemma

Of course as my paper deadline looms nearer (tomorrow), I am actively engaged in the discipline of waste-o. (Is it appropriate to link to one's own blog or is that too narcissistic? I know I'm annoyed by scholars who do. Maybe just this once is alright...)

To the point, in my cyber wanderings I stumbled upon my Canadian idols' weblogs. To think that Spirit of the West blogs; just like me! What joy it is to have the collective wisdom and musings of John, Geoffrey, Vince, Hugh, and Tobin so close at hand!

My conundrum is this: Do I submit comments to their entries? Is it an invasion of privacy or assuming a non-existent familiarity with strangers? I did invite them to our wedding (they didn't come) so maybe I've already crossed that line.

I will be respectful and polite and not expect anything in return. Can I be witty and appreciative without being creepy and predatory? Although having seen John do his psycho-smiley face on TV and on stage, I don't think I need to worry about being creepy!

And now on to track down The Rheostatics. ... The Beast needs more torque...

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