Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Sudselling Friends

While flipping through the sports channels, one particular commercial made me stop and watch and listen: Molson Canadian's plea for hockey to return, as presented by various men singing the Violent Femme-inized ballad, "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" Of course, it was the acknowledgement of that fine piece of American music that caught my attention.

The last face I saw, before the logo plastered the screen, gave a heart-wrenching delivery of "Do you really want to make me cry?" This was one of Shelley's university roommates, Jon. I'm glad to see this budding actor, funny man, and lover of cheese is getting some air time and is able to claim that outfit as a business expense.

This is a different Jon than the one mentioned in my previous entry. How many Jons do I know I know? At least two.

That also makes two of Shelley's friends in beer commercials. Her co-birthday buddy, Sam, once played pool with an imaginary dragon.

I'm still waiting for Moosehead to call me about their next campaign: "Lovejoy that lager!"

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