Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas Peeve

This morning someone at church kindheartedly wished me a belated merry Christmas. Argh! It's not belated; Christmas _begins_ on the 25th. The 12 Days of Christmas begin on the 25th. Christmas lasts until January 6.

At least keep the trees and decorations (that were up obscenely early) until then. The Orthodox church - Christians, all of them! - celebrates Christmas then. January 6 is traditionally, if not "historically", when the Magi bring the gifts to the barn baby.

You can label me liturgically conservative. I can see the validity of that assessment. But, I still say if all of society wants to cash in on this holiday, at least it should be done right. I'm sure malls and merchants would love to prolong the spending. It is still Christmas all day, all week, into next year.

Now that that's off my chest [calmly breathing in, breathing out] ... May the loves and the joys of the season continue to be with you through these next days, and always. Peace. I feel better now.

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