Sunday, December 05, 2004

Coast to Coast, secrete-ly

It was an odyssey from the shores of Lake Huron for church in Ravenswood to the shores of Lake Ontario for a youth worship service fabglam confab in Steeltown. It was a long day buoyed by the merriment of four United Church boys trapped in a pimped out 6-cylinder family car.

To the disgusted delight of the other passengers, the youngest in this car was telling a tale that required the use of the word "discrete" or "secret". Alas, his young mind contorted the intended adjective and his mouth instead spouted out the sentiment that he needed to keep his sexual preference "secrete". Oh, the hilarity!

I learned that pizza places in Hamilton do not deliver to The Mountain unless they are located on The Mountain. The food we ordered from P_P_ (the name has been edited to protect the guilty) was less than scrumptious. The pizza? Pedestrian. The wings? Uninspired. The salad? Chewy. The pop? Transcendent!

Screw Flanders! Err ... I mean, Bon appetit.

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