Friday, March 11, 2005

CharBar < Darbar

Of the many fine family dining options available to us in our locale, nothing has yet (nor do we anticipate anything ever will) supplant Darbar as our favourite restaurant.

A local establishment, 50 King St Grill (I'm not sure that's the proper name it often is referred to as "CharBar") received our business last night. It seemed like a popular choice in our circle of influence: two teachers from Rei's daycare, with separate parties; parents of a church member; a baritone from the choir; and a neighbour from across the parking lot next door.

I was impressed with the centre cut half rack of ribs. The availability of Stella Artois was a surprising touch for a clientele that ordinarily swims in the pedestrian standards of Blue and Canadian. Friendly service and reasonable prices added to the experience. The decor is a hodgepodge of tables and chairs but the overall appearance is clean and bright.

While it is no Darbar, it certainly was the place to be.

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