Thursday, March 31, 2005

Peace at last

In spite of the meddling of George W., the self-serving faith of her parents, Terri Schiavo died today. Farewell, rest well, be at peace.

After 13 days without food or water, it may seem harsh and cruel death in a world of medical marvels. Just to be absolutely clear if that was my situation: get my organs (except for my non-functioning pancreas) to those that could use them and let me die. I would prefer 13 days of dying to 14 years of not living.

So much has been made of this story, of this woman in particular, it really has people thinking about the value of life, the finality of death and the interceding war of morality and righteousness. I agree with The Voice on The Current who wondered if George W. Bush's "presumption in favour of life" applies to those on Death Row.

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