Sunday, March 06, 2005

Size 5

Rei's continued growth was marked today by the upgrade of diapers to size 5. While she is still well within the 22 - 37 lbs range for size 4 (weighing in at roughly 24 lbs), our current needs require a diaper that has a greater load capacity. It is hoped the size 5s rated at 27+ lbs can accommodate.

Aside from gross motor skills, Rei appears to be functioning at an advanced level for her age and size: solid knowledge of shapes, colours and animals; familiarity with the A-B-C and 1-2-3 sequences; comprehensive understanding of hair care and styling; refined musical appreciation rooted in Raffi and CBC Radio; jiggy dance moves; and, now, this diaper development.

The transition to the new model of Huggies should be eased by the omnipresence of Mickey Mouse and his cohorts. That rodent really gets around - he and, that Winnipeg bear, "Pooh".

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