Monday, March 06, 2006

Childcare Chocolate

Stephen Harper and The Conservative Party of Canada propose a childcare benefit paid out to families to assist with childcare costs: $1200 per year per child under 6-years old. At $25 per week (which will be taxed, of course) it won't do our family much good.

Although we could use the money, not for beer and popcorn, but for chocolate bars. Rei's daycare is selling them as a fundraiser. This means we, as parents, buy all the bars we don't sell. This, in turn, means we don't get a receipt for the extra money we pay to the daycare and therefore cannot claim on our taxes. How can I be bitter about snacks so sweet?

Fortunately, I was able to peddle most of my candy to the youth at the weekend retreat I was coordinating. Was it abuse of power/position? I prefer to think of it as knowing my market: young teenagers, away from home, miles from the nearest convenience store ... as easy as selling candy to a baby.

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