Sunday, March 19, 2006

Online and Up-to-Date

Blogger's issues have been resolved and things are back to normal in my section of the blogsphere. The simple life we lead hasn't seen much in exciting news. Although, Shelley's enduring another bout of March Madness, the always-surprising college basketball tournament.

My bracket picks are swayed, as usual, by my affinity for University of Kentucky. I foresee good things for Kevin Pittsnogle (with a name like that, how can you ignore him?) and West Virginia. Gonzaga's Adam Morrison reminds me of an athletic, sports-minded Bobo. George Mason was a whimsy pick, in memory of a 24 character, although I didn't see them taking down UNC. If there's such an institution as Tony Almeida University, you better believe that I'd pick them to show in the Final Four.

As for Kentucky, the Wildcats played a respectable game against heavyweight UConn. We made an afternoon trip to Strathroy for groceries and a fast food treat so I was pleasantly surprised to see they only lost by 4 points. The winner of that match is my pick to win it all.

For the record, my adjusted Final Four is Texas, Gonzaga (after Kansas lost), Villanova and Connecticut (after beating UK); with the Huskies besting the Longhorns on April 3. And then baseball season begins.

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