Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Redtape to Resuscitation

It was a full day.

The morning we dropped Shelley off at work and I took the kids into Sarnia to sort out some confusion around my Parental Leave claim; apparently, the government can't figure out that Shelley and I are related to the same file. I re-submitted a letter she sent a month ago; while there, I also applied for Kai's Social Insurance Number so we can begin his RESP.

We went to the "Umbrella Store", (yes, sadly Wal-Mart wins again), where we had lunch and also picked up the newly-released Harry Potter movie, "Goblet of Fire", and the not-so-newly-released "Prisoner of Azkaban". Rei picked out some Dora the Explorer underwear, maybe to help the potty training?, and happily waved her rainbow-umbrella-with-a-red-handle around as she raced up and down the aisles.

Shelley was worried for me, taking both kids through numerous errands all morning, but everyone was happy and content.

First Aid/CPR classes began for me this evening. My certification had expired, so I was glad for the opportunity to refresh my memory. Although it meant that by the time I and the kids picked up Shelley and got home, I had enough time to make supper but not eat any it. A sandwich in the car tided me over until after class, when I was able to dine in front of the TV.

Did I mention it was a full day?

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