Tuesday, September 05, 2006

He Likes Me!

Joy of joys, Paul Shirley considers me a friend! My request to be added to his list was granted; it reminds me of high school, trying to suck up to the cool kids. Mind you, Paul Shirley would be the last person to think of himself as a high school cool kid.

So, the purpose of my MySpace membership has been fulfilled: to read his blog and the gems contained therein. Where else can learn about possible titles for his book, his search for a tall, good-looking man that he can cruise bars with, his predilection to use the word "retard", his "love" of Kansas and Kansas City, and on-line blind dating?

In other celebrity news, Michael Stipe was a guest on tonight's episode of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and Sirajul and Mujibur made an appearance as pizza-jacking bandits. I'm not sure if I can stay up to see who's on Letterman tonight, if my idol worship trend continues, but something tells me it'll be a rerun.

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