Monday, September 11, 2006


I found a 2-piece gray suit: single-breasted, high-twisted (is that a term? the "consultant" mentioned something about it...), 2-button jacket with unfortunately pleated trousers. (Unfortunate in that they're pleated, not that the folds themselves are particularly grotesque). A couple shirts, light green and purple, and matching ties completed the purchase.

Although the Renovations Sale didn't lead to any real savings. It did lead to a delay in the tailoring as the shop will be the next to be re-fitted. At least I have some new shirt/tie combos to work with for the upcoming wedding.

My sales consultant, in his concluding piece of butt-kissing, commented that they're renovating because of customers like myself. Yes, patrons like me, who buy a suit every 4 years ...

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