Thursday, September 07, 2006

No Sauce, No Suit

We went shopping in London after work/daycare. After finding a princess outfit that would fit Rei for Hallowe'en, we picked up some drive-thru McD's en route to Shelley's sister's apartment.

Once there, we discovered an astounding lack of condiments and accessories: ketchup (no big deal, there was some in the fridge), sweet & sour sauce (after being asked if we wanted sauce for the nuggets), caramel sauce for the apple slices, salad dressing, a straw for my Sprite Zero, and the toddler toy we asked for wasn't.

Seems like quality control at that establishment is slipping, it's not the first time our order (albeit different from the standard combos or Happy Meals, but not complicatedly so) has been messed up. Although, this time we couldn't go to the counter and get things corrected. What kind of clown operation is Ronald running these days?

Following our fast food misadventure, I headed out for some shopping. I went to 3 different stores, tried on 6 different suits but the right combination of style, fit, colour and price wasn't to be had. It looks like my single-breasted, 3-button, navy blue will have to do for the next couple weddings and anniversary services.

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