Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Long Night's Journey into Day

With Shelley away at a conference, it's been single-parenting for a couple days. With daycare, the days have been manageable and our evening routine has helped keep things even.

Last night, Rei woke up at 1:40 because of a bad dream. After a snack and story, she still couldn't relax and joined me in the big bed at 2:20.

Kai had a coughing fit at 3:30; I went to settle him before he threw up. At 4:10 he was squawking again and I re-arranged him in the crib. At 4:37, I gave him a bottle and changed his diaper. After a few incidents of him crying out again as soon as I got back into bed, I carried him around and held him in the rocking chair for 20 minutes. 5:30 I got back to bed.

Kai woke again at 7:15; which was a nice stretch of sleep, given the night. Except the kids are usually in the car and on the way to daycare by 7:20. We didn't make it on time.

I got Rei up, fed the kids breakfast, got them to daycare with little incident. I tried to make it back home in time to put the recycling and garbage out but didn't make it in time. But I was early for Bible Study.

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