Monday, September 04, 2006

Leisure Day

On this Monday, we indulged in the irony of a holiday celebrating the contributions of the Labour movement to society. (Although I'm well aware that others regard this coincidence as entirely appropriate).

We travelled to Sarnia's Canatara Park where the omnipresence of ducks, Rei's favourite animal and her choice for a pet, overcame her anxiety about the other creatures at the Children's Animal Farm. Mind you, we had to carry her the entire time; at least we knew her shoes were clean.

She did enjoy herself later at the playground, peeking through this "spaceship window":
space portal rei

Lunch was a very healthy serving of fries under the bridge before a leisurely drive home.

Kai had his first ice cream cone tonight.
kai cone
He figured out quickly enough how shotgun the ice cream by biting a hole in the bottom of the cone and sucking out the innards.

Before bed, as the sugar buzz was wearing off, he took a couple steps. He's not quite walking yet, but very soon he'll utilize bipedal locomotion.

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