Tuesday, November 28, 2006

America Smells

Shelley took the day off and we went cross-boarder shopping in Port Huron; while Shelley has been over a few times with friends from work, it was my first. After touring through Target at the Birchwood Mall, we ventured into the mall itself where the standard mall fare awaited.

Approaching a bath/beauty store, I found myself reacting unfavourably to the heavily-scented atmosphere – nothing smelled bad, but the combination and strength of the aromas made me queasy. For the rest of the morning I breathed through my mouth near fragrance counters and ducked outside on occasion for some "fresh" air.

I bounced a $100 basketball a couple times, the new official NBA ball that everyone's complaining about. I didn't see the problem with it, except it didn't smell like leather. I say, "Suck it up, whiney pants. You had all summer to practise with it; how is this a surprise?"

For lunch, we enjoyed the Italian-inspired aromas of the Olive Garden restaurant. Filling up on salad and bread, we took much of our entrées home. Home, where things smell like meat pies.

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