Friday, November 24, 2006

Lightbulbs and Leaks

I've heard a lot of manse horror stories. That is not the case for us here. A couple of stalwart church members, on behalf of the Manse Committee, were adjusting the sensitivity of the motion-detecting lights on the garage.

While there, I mentioned to them a couple of plumbing issues (a leak in the basement and a loose faucet in the shower). What they thought was a quick tweaking became a couple of trips to their respective homes and the hardware store for more tools and new gaskets/washers. I'm thankful for their effort and effectiveness. In gratitude, I paid them with beer, plus it gave me an excuse to crack one open myself, mid-afternoon.

It also seems to be lightbulb bursting season as in the past few weeks, two have shattered and three others have burned out.

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