Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Worth the Wait

After the Raptors' winless West Coast string of games going late into the night, I rued the decisions to watch them lose some win-able contests to the Lakers and Nuggets.

I taped tonight's game because I had a church meeting and watched it tonight wondering if it would be another waste of time. After running up a lead of 19 in the first half, only to let Cleveland score 15 points in a row, I had that far-too familiar sinking feeling.

Mind you I was watching the game for Lebron James and "Sideshow Bob" Anderson Varejao, as much as for a Toronto victory.
Photo by Adrian Wyld. "Sideshow Bob" grunts behind Chris Bosh.

Raptors won and noted ball-chucker Andrea Bargnani recorded his first assists of his NBA career. Now, onto Letterman.

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