Monday, November 20, 2006

Back On-line

Friday night, the Internet quit on us. There were some problems, apparently, with our local ISP.

To honour the National Day of the Child, the kids and I met up with Shelley in Sarnia for a children's concert featuring the travelling medical show of Col. W.D. Quackhorn and his puppets. Although Shelley had to work, she was part of the group that was presenting this event, we managed a family morning together.

It was a grey and dreary November morning, one that would have been perfect for sleeping in and skipping church. On CBC Radio that morning, Michael Enright was doing a piece on the movie Borat that I was keen to hear, but pulled into the church parking lot as it was beginning. Given all the comments and flack I've received about my alb, I think they should be grateful for small mercies:
Is niiice, yes?

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