Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Church Supper Chaos

Kai said the word "book". It made for a happy Early Literacy Specialist mother. It was also the night of Arkona's Fall Supper, at a time when his ELS mom had an evening program to attend.

The kids did quite well in the crowd as I balanced church hosting duties with single-parenting. Our actual meal itself began with a plan. Going through the buffet line with Kai on my arm and double-plate stack of food, we got seated and eating.

He only began wailing when I had to take his sister to the bathroom. A quick trip home for a change of clothes and we settled back to our meal. And another trip to the bathroom, only to find upon our return, our plates had efficiently been cleared away...

I bathed the kids, got them into bed, and when Shelley returned home, I headed back to the church to help finish the clean-up. Afterwards, the plates of leftover pie that I brought home atoned for the abrupt end to supper.

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